Changing your locks can be a challenge. Why not trust ATC Locksmith with the task? In order to maintain the highest level of safety and security, every homeowner and business should change outdated locks with the newest technology.

Whether you have roommates with past access to your premises or just want to feel more secure in your home, call ATC Locksmith to talk to one of our customer service representatives who can set up an appointment for you today.

Why should you change your locks?

• Whenever you move into a new home
• For rental property owners, whenever a new tenant moves in
• If you have a roommate move out
• Broken or outdated locks

Call us at (203) 564-9578 if you need fast and reliable lock installation services in your area!

Price Table

Service Price
Min. Fee $75
Unlock the door $50
Rekey door $50
Rekey ignition $125
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Available Appointments on February 26, 2024

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